IO Talks for Students Who Want to Study Abroad

Mendalo- Office of International Affairs held IO Talks which invited students to continue their studies abroad, Workops which were bravely attended by students and Lecturers of Universitas Jambi, Jambi State Islamic University and several other universities in Jambi Province on Tuesday (7/9).

“This activity aims for both students and lecturers to be able to achieve their dream of studying abroad by one way of getting scholarships abroad,” said Dr. Sri Wachyuni, S.S., M. Hum, M.A.

In addition, Sri also stated that  the way of how to get a scholarship to study abroad would be given by one of the recipients of foreign scholarships, Mrs. Nainunis Aulia Izza, Lecturer of the Archeology Study Program at Universitas Jambi.

In her presentation, Nainunis Aulia Izza said that there are many ways to get scholarships, she suggested adjusting them with intentions and goals.

“Don’t forget to prepare your supplies, as well as prepare a timeline and Plan B, then enter the preparation stages and this stage can vary depending on the study and the destination university,” said Nainunis.

Then she suggested to determine the program, seek information and then make preparations.

“Determine the State Program, Degree, Non Degree, Research Masters, Master Course, PhD, then look for information such as entry requirements, supervisors, relevance to research topics, recognition from DIKTI, availability of scholarships from Universities / Cooperation / Private / Indonesian government / Local governments as well as local culture, then make preparations for when to take intake, what scholarship to use, when to take a language test and other requirements,” explained Nainunis.

In addition, she mentioned that there are several important things to get a scholarship such as a good track record, career topics / research fields for prospective Spv / research fields and scholarship schemes and no matter how many competitors, make sure you can understand yourself.

“Experience in publication or research that is in line with the topic of further study, experience in participating in activities, GPA and academic/non-academic achievements as well as relevant organizational experience are important things to get the scholarship,” concluded Nainunis.

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