General Information of the Project

The SEA TVET Project or the “Technical and Vocational Education and Training” is a project initiated by the Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). By collaborating with universties in Southeast Asia, the project aims to provide opportunity for TVET student to have experiences (practicum) of living and worrking in other countries in Southeast Asia.

In Universitas Jambi, the project is named PPL Internasional ASEAN. It is an intracurricular academic activity for undergraduate students (S1) in Universitas Jambi. It is an enhancement of the prevailing internship program which assigned students to have practicum in ASEAN Member Countries. The program is a blend of theory and practice, therefore, it reflects students’ competence in the application of  curriculum.

Application Procedure

Required Documents

  1. Application form (Typed and No Hand Writing) (download here);
  2. Recommendation letter from Head of Department/Study Program (download here);
  3. Recommendation letter from Academic Advisor (for applicants with GPA below 3.5);
  4. Student Consent signed by students (hand writing, capital letter, black ink) (download here);
  5. Parent Consent (on Materai Rp. 6000,- signed by parent or guardian) (hand writing, capital letter, black ink)(download here);
  6. Copy of ID and Student Card;
  7. Copy of transcript of record;
  8. Copy of passport (if available, front page and pages with immigration stamp or visa).

Template of Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here

Selection Process