Universitas Jambi realizes the need to connect with international world. Having been exposed to rapid expansion of economic, social, and political globalization, the university feels the challenges to upgrade its performance to meet international standard and equip both the students and the staff with global competence. Over the past years, Universitas Jambi has actively developed international relations with foreign institutions, especially higher education institutions, through academic and research cooperation. Majority, cooperation between Universitas Jambi and foreign institutions focused on student and staff exchange program, exchange of academic scholars, exchange of academic materials, joint research and conference, joint supervision of graduate students, etc. It is hoped that cooperation will bring in creative and innovative ways of thinking that will help Universitas Jambi developed the best solutions to problems faced either by the local community, government, or the world; raise the culture of tolerance; increase the quality of teaching and learning process as well as the research activity, and; finally, create international environment at home.

International Collaboration Data

Collaboration Initiation