Universitas Jambi provides a comfortable and international standard housing facilities for all fully funded Scholarship Students, a home away from home. Self-funded International Students are also eligible for applying the permission to reside with required procedures.

Meal Plan and other Facilities

As UNJA basically provide with “House” style residence, all international students are responsible for their own meal plan and arrangements. A common shared kitchen with complete utensils is provided. Students can easily find Indonesian Street Foods like Sate (grilled meat or fish sticks), Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), etc. around everywhere in Jambi. Convenient Stores such as IndoMart, AlfaMart and other local shops can be found in every street and students may purchase their daily necessities as well as groceries.

Other miscellaneous facilities available in UNJA and Jambi are hospitals, supermarkets and hypermarkets (Jamtos, WTC, etc..), post office, banks, bookstores, laundry mat, and world class American franchises like KFC, MC Donald’s and Starbucks.


There are variety of public transportation option and applications available in Jambi which make convenient for our students. Students with valid Indonesian SIM are also allowed to drive Motorcycles and Electric Vehicles with legal documents and license plates.

Internet Services

International students’ residence and rooms are provided with 24/7 free Wi-Fi access. All the UNJA Campuses are also facilitated with free Wi-Fi access.


All International Students are permitted to enjoy the same national, local and school holidays as the Indonesian Students. However, the university does not schedule any school breaks for foreign holidays/celebrations. But, all the relevant culture and customs of respective students are highly appreciated and encouraged.

Religious Beliefs

As the idealized Asian Democratic country, Indonesian Government has already recognized for six religions and beliefs: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism. All of these religious holidays are counted as national holidays and mosques, churches, monasteries are other religious places can be found in Jambi.

Health Insurance

Universitas Jambi’s regulations require all the international students must possess valid Health Insurance during their entire study in UNJA. Students can inquire about the purchase detail at International Office.