Academic Schedule

            Universitas Jambi allocates every academic year into Ganjil and Genap semesters, with the official promulgation of the academic year. The Ganjil semester starts in September and ends in mid-December or early January of the following year while the Genap semester begins in February and ends in mid-June. The University annually provides summer break which mostly lasts around 2 months.


A university entrance qualification is essential for admission to the Universitas Jambi for all types of programmes.

General Requirements:

The applicant is high school graduated or equivalent.
High school should be registered at and accredited by the Ministry of Education of the student’s home country.

Important notice: The faculty may apply higher specific requirements. Please recheck your online application status to ensure all of the forms completely filled and all of the documents successfully submitted.

Requirements of Proficiency in Languages

            For students who plan to take Bahasa Indonesia-taught courses should have limited working proficiency of Bahasa Indonesia. However, if Bahasa Indonesia proficiency does not meet the required standard, students may either take language course and trainings arranged by International Office of Universitas Jambi. Foreign student wishing to write their bachelor’s degree Thesis in Indonesian Language should take Indonesian language course for foreigner or BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing) with minimum level 3.

            Every international student wishing to study in Universitas Jambi is required to take Jambi University English Language Test (JUELT) and must pass the minimum score 477.

(In order to dilute the obstacles that might appear in communicating with local community, every international student in Universitas Jambi is highly suggested to take language trainings by International Office.)

Document Requirements

  1. Application Form (Aplication Form)
  2. Curriculum Vitae;
  3. Graduated School Certificate or latest education certificate
  4. Academic Transcript (English Version);
  5. 4×6 Color Photograph;
  6. Language Proficiency Certificate (English/Indonesia Language)**;
  7. Passport;
  8. Front Passport Cover
  9. Reference Letter from School;
  10. Motivation Statement;
  11. latest Health Certificate;
  12. Financial Statement (Download Here)
  13. Scanned Health Protocol Statement Letter (Download Here)
  14. Statement of Non Involvement in Employment and Political Activity (Statement letter)
  15. Health Insurance / Travel Health Insurance
  16. Certificate of Good Behavior from the Competent Authority

for all the requirements above, it is required to be scanned using a printer and not photographed.


1. Application Review, consisting of;

a. Document verification
b. Language proficiency’s document verification
c. Reference Letter verification

2. Notification of successful document.

3. Interview of the applicants, consisting of:

a. Initial interview for confirming the applicant’s subject knowledge, academic capabilities and genuine interest in the chosen field of study by International Office and aimed Faculty boards.
b. Final interview for confirming the applicant’s potential contribution to the university community and to ensure the values align with the university’s ethos by University Leaders.

4. Announcement of Scholarship Awardees.

Note: It is required to consistently monitor the website for the update of admission dates. 



In regular classes, Bahasa Indonesia is utilized as the medium of instruction. In international classes, English is mainly conducted as the medium of instruction.