“PDLN is an assignment carried out by State Officials, Other Officials, Civil Servants, BUMN / BUMD Employees, or Indonesian Workers given by State Agencies or Government Agencies, in order to carry out activities abroad at the expense of the State (APBN / APBD), donors. foreign / domestic, or at their own expense.

legal basis:

  1. Permensesneg No.11 Tahun 2008 
  2. PMK no.164/PMK.05/2015
  3. INPRES Nomor 11 Tahun 2005
  4. SE Mensesneg Nomor B-1001/…tanggal 4 Nov 2014


  • State Officials are the President and Vice President, Chairman and Member of State Institutions, Ministers, Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary/Head of Representative of the Republic of Indonesia abroad, Governors, Regents/Mayors, and Other Officials stipulated by legislation.
  • Other Officials are Officials appointed and dismissed by the President who are not included as State Officials, but represent the interests of the Republic of Indonesia abroad, or concerning relations between State Institutions and in determining their appointment requires consideration of DPR approval.
  • Indonesian personnel are the general public who are assigned to carry out service assignments abroad that are representative of the State.


  • Official trips abroad are VERY SELECTIVE.
  • Efforts are made for groups that take part in official trips abroad in a VERY LIMITED number and only those whose areas of duty are VERY RELATED to the substance to be discussed.
  • The authorized official MUST limit the implementation of official trips abroad for important matters.
  • Applications for permission are submitted in writing to the President at the latest 1 (one) week prior to the planned date of departure.
  • The letter of application for approval contains AT LEAST name and title; NIP or equivalent identity number; activity objectives; the destination city and country; time period; sources of financing.
  • The results of the official trip abroad MUST BE REPORTED to the President with a copy to the Vice President.
  • The obligation to contact and convey the intention of arrival to the Representative of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the destination country.
  • Obligation to use a national airline, as long as the route allows (for official travel where transportation costs come from the APBN / APBD)