MENDALO,- Office of International Affairs Universitas Jambi again carried out one of the agenda activities, namely In House Training, with the theme “Socialization of Immigration and Preparation for Foreign Service Travel” on Friday (12/11) at Yellow Hotel Jambi. The event was opened by the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance, Ir. Yusrizal, M.Sc., Ph.D.

“Today we will carry out socialization related to immigration and official travel abroad. Indeed, with the decline in the Covid-19 pandemic, preparations for overseas official trips have begun. I hope the Covid situation does not escalate again, so that the foreign service trip that has been postponed can run for the next few months, “said Ir. Yusrizal.

He also said that the existence of this pandemic had an impact on the absence of foreign official trips for two years, so that it was possible to change the documents that needed to be prepared.

“Almost all of my friends are in that position, the trip had to be postponed because of this pandemic. Moreover, for almost two years we have been on a vacuum for business trips abroad. It could be that we have forgotten what needs to be prepared, or maybe there are changes in the documents. Therefore, we need to participate in this socialization, especially for lecturers and units who will later be on duty so that they will not be constrained if they are going to go on official trips abroad,” he added.

This socialization activity was attended by representatives of each faculty at Universitas Jambi, as well as two resource persons who will provide socialization regarding document preparation for overseas official trips.

“Alhamdulillah, this morning we will get enlightenment from Mr. Yayat Handayana as the Coordinator of the General Substance of Cooperation and Public Relations of the Directorate of Resources and Mr. Irhas, two people who will be our resource persons today. We will be given views related to official travel abroad in the new era after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the Head of the Office of International Affairs Universitas Jambi.

“Office of International Affairs Universitas Jambi cooperates with the Ministry of Resources Directorate Agency and the Jambi Provincial Immigration Office to socialize what preparations need to be made to carry out foreign service. Hopefully, with this socialization, the participants will be able to take the benefits both in the cooperative relationship and in the preparation of the responsible documents and other documents,” she concluded.

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