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1. What is SEAMEO?
  • The Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) is a regional intergovernmental organization established in 1965 among the governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region. As an organization that continues to develop human capacities and explore the full potential of society, SEAMEO maintains its work and aspirations for the common development of the peoples of the region to make a better life in quality and equity in education, preventive health education, culture and traditions, information technology and communication, language, poverty alleviation and agriculture and natural resources.
2. Is there a student exchange program carried out by International Office Unja?
  • There are 2 (two) exchange programs under SEAMEO carried out by IO UNJA and the faculties, namely SEA Teacher (educational) and SEA TVET (Vocational) activities. So far, the participants of this activity come from the faculties of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Teacher Training and Education. In addition, this activity can be followed by all faculties according to the quota provided by SEAMEO and this activity is carried out for one full month.
3. Does the International Office Universitas Jambiprovide information about scholarships?
  • International Office Universitas Jambi regularly conducts seminars and workshops with various themes, including seminars on scholarship information for continuing education. Seminars and workshops held by UNJA International Office generally discuss information on scholarships, short courses, internships, sharing alumni of international activities, etc.
4. Where can I find updates on the activities o International Office Universitas Jambi?
5. Can students communicate/consult with International Office UNJA regarding international activities?
  • Of course
6. Is International Office UNJA willing to cooperate in activities carried out by students?
  • Of course
7. What time is the service at the International Office Universitas Jambi open?
  • Services at the International Office UNJA office are open from 08.30 to 15.00 WIB, every Monday to Friday.
8. What is PDLN?
  • PerjalananDinasLuarNegeri  (PDLN)/ Overseas Service Travelis an assignment carried out by state officials, other officials, civil servants, BUMN/BUMD employees, or Indonesian personnel given by state institutions or government agencies, in the context of carrying out activities abroad at state expense (APBN/APBD ) or foreign donors in the country.
9. What can be taken care of for PDLN for students?
  • The administration of State Secretariat permits for students in shortcourse activities, internships, or student exchanges, etc., can be processed if using APBN/APBD funds or foreign/domestic donors. If using personal funds, there is no need to administer a secretariat permit.
10. What are the general provisions in the PDLN?
  • Each official trip abroad is carried out very effectively
  • The group that participates in PDLN activities is attempted in a very limited and efficient number which is in accordance with their field and is closely related to the substance to be discussed
  • The authorized official is obliged to limit the implementation of the PDLN in important matters
  • Applications are made in writing 30 days or more before departure
  • Application for approval at least contains name, position, NIP, purpose of activity, city and state, time period, and source of financing
  • The results of the PDLN report must be made in writing and reported to the State Secretariat
  • Obligation to contact and convey the purpose of arrival to representatives of the Indonesian government in the destination country
  • Obligation to use national airlines as long as the route is possible (for official travel using APBN/APBD)
11. Who takes care of the State Secretariat’s permit?
  • The Bureau of Foreign Technical Cooperation of the Ministry of State Secretariat is the Bureau that has the task of coordinating the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and facilitation of technical cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and overseas development partners, as well as handling the administration of approvals for foreign official travel. Based on article 33 paragraph 2 “foreign service travel first requires permission from the president or an appointed official”
12. What is the use function of the State Secretariat’s permit approval letter?
  • As the basis for the legality of the assignment
  • Requirements for obtaining official passports, exit permits, and recommendation for official visas
  • The basis for facilitating the payment of income tax for individuals who will go abroad (fiscal) with the applicable provisions
  • Completeness of administration and financial accountability
13. Category of consent letter type for PDLN management?
  • New application
  • Extension
  • Error
  • Cancellation
14. What are the requirements for arranging an overseas official trip for lecturers and students?
  • Application letter from the Faculty/Director signed by the dean/director addressed to the Chancellor of UNJA
  • Invitation Letter/LOA
  • Schedule of activities
  • Source of financing, if:
  1. – Funded by UNJA
  2. – Personal Fund
  3. – Sponsor Fund
  • Health certificate
  • Letter from the embassy
  • Study assignment agreement letter (for lecturers for advanced studies)
15. Is the arrangement of official passports mandatory for students and lecturers in overseas official trips?
  • For lecturers who are civil servants, they are required to apply for an official passport, while for students they do not use an official passport
16. What are the requirements for obtaining official passports and exit permits for civil servant lecturers?
  • Copy of SK PNS legalized with wet stamp
  • Copy of Karpeg legalized with wet stamp cap
  • Photocopy of ID card (KTP)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • State Secretariat Permit
  • Recent passport size 4×6, the criteria are:
  1. Men: White background, plain white shirt, black coat, red tie and not wearing glasses
  2. Women: dress neatly and politely, if you use a headscarf, your face looks wide and does not cover your forehead
  • Birth Certificate
  • Family Card
  • Last Diploma
17. How long does it take to obtain a State Secretariat permit?
  • It will take about 1 month