SAC Training Session


  1. Participants of Training of Trianer (ToT) on ASEAN Data Science Explorers on Monday, 8th April 2019 are required to roll out training session(s) to, minimum, 10 student participants;
  2. The derivative training session(s) shall be conducted between April – June 2019. Each training facilitator shall perform 1 training session (at minimum) or 5 training sessions (at maximum);
  3. Training facilitator shall ask their student participants to create a team of 2 (minimum 5 teams) to register to ASEAN Data Science Explorers Competition 2019 (registration link here);
  4. Training facilitators shall provide description of the derivative training session(s) on the Application of SAC Training Session;
  5. The Application of SAC  Training Session shall be submitted to International Office of UNJA at not later than Sunday, 21st April 2019;
  6. International office will submit the proposed training session to ASEAN Foundation;
  7. ASEAN Foundation will give access to SAC application for training facilitators and student participants;
  8. Free access to SAC application is valid until 31st December 2019;
  9. Training facilitators shall submit the training attendance list and photographs of training session to International Office (hard/soft copy) not later than Monday, 1st July 2019;
  10. Once Univeritas Jambi fulfill the requirement of rolling out training sessions to minimum 200 students, training facilitators are eligible to receive a certificate of achievement as a training facilitator from ASEAN Foundation;
  11. Distribution of the certificate will be conducted by International Office of Universitas Jambi.

SAC Training Session Flowchart