General Information


Universitas Jambi welcomes foreign nationals who wish to visit the university to conduct and collaborate in research, to teach for a short period of time, to perform internship, and other activities that contribute to the improvement and development of the quality of education in Universitas Jambi.

Foreign Lecturer/Teacher

The presence of foreign lecturer/teacher  will enhance the quality of  teaching and learning process, the curriculum, the work process, and the academic environment in Universitas Jambi.  Hence, the university encourages the exchange of lecturer/teacher with our international partner.

Foreign Reseacher

Becoming part of the CRC Effort 990 Project –  a major project initiated by Insititut Pertanian Bogor (IPB); Universitas Tadulako (UNTAD); Universitas Jambi (UNJA); and Goettingen University, Germany – Universitas Jambi has been part of a global research community majoring in Ecological and Socioeconomic Function of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems.

Foreign Student

Part of the efforts to bring internationalization home and to diversify the student body is inviting foreign nationals and students to come and study in Universitas Jambi.